Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about ServeTM. Let us know if you have any more questions on our contact us page.

ServeTM helps consumers to make service requests about their insurance & investments. Trained CFSCs/Advisors would be able to serve these consumers.

ServeTM offers world class technology & training tools for financial advisors to serve consumers efficiently & professionally. The tools are available on mobile devices and shortly as a web system.

Existing & prospective advisors would be trained as “Certified Financial Services Counsellor” (CFSC).


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We help consumers:

  • make service requests quickly and easily.
  • set their financial goals.
  • create a secure database of their financial records.

Consumers have free access to the world class & secure mobile/web apps for the above.

The consumer is at the centre of the ServeTM platform. The genesis of this platform is in the idea to “Serve”.

The USP of this platform is the trained and professional financial advisor who serves the consumers.

Consumers can rate the services of the advisors and also benefit from the competing advisors.

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Advisors can use the world class technology tools in the form of mobile and web app to reach out to consumers.

Advisors can access world class training modules to be certified as “Certified Financial Services Counsellor”.

The USP for advisors is being able to upgrade themselves with technology and training in order to build their career.

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We help financial advisors connect to their prospective clients. We help advisors connect to the consumers with our proprietary technology and training tools.

The advisors get leads on the basis of service requests made by the consumer. The advisor also gets info of the financial goals of the consumer. The consumers make the service requests on the mobile & web app developed by ServeTM.

The advisors also can get trained as “Certified Financial Services Counsellor”. This will help advisors become more successful in their career.

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We will make money when our technology and training tools bring immense value to the end consumers and the financial advisors. We will charge for training advisors and get subscription fee from the advisors. The platform is free for the end consumer.

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