About ServeTM

ServeTM is your financial assistant. We help you make service requests for your insurance and investments. We also help you setup financial goals, keep records and buy the right financial products. Products that you need, not what the advisor wants to sell!

No more mis-selling or bad experience with financial advisors. A few rotten apples have spoiled the reputation of the entire financial services industry. The financial services industry is there to help you build a better financial future.

We are building a community of trusted financial advisors who believe in the value of training and technology. We believe that technology and training help each one of us become more efficient & effective.

ServeTM offers technology & training tools for financial advisors to serve consumers efficiently & professionally. The tools are available on mobile devices and shortly as a web system.

Our vision

To empower Customer Experience Champions so that they become most trusted financial advisors in India.

We’re looking to train and enable the Customer Experience Champions to help achieve our vision.

ServeTM, as a platform, would enable and facilitate both consumers and the financial advisor.

Serve Through Mobile (ServeTM) is the idea behind the platform for both the consumer as well as the advisor.

ServeTM Team

The app has been built by technocrats and professionals with extensive experience in both the financial services sector & the technology sector. ServeTM Technologies has been incorporated in August 2016.

You can download the android apps below:

For Consumers:
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