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About Servetm

ServeTM is built on the mantra of "serve & win". ServeTM offers tools for consumers to get expert assistance from advisors conveniently & professionally. The tools are available on mobile devices and as a web system. We contribute to the financial services ecosystem with trained advisors.

What We Do

Trained Advisors

We train advisors on the mantra of "Service First". Advisors would be certified as “Certified Financial Services Counsellor” (CFSC). The CFSC program will train advisors with product & process knowledge and with service skills. This will ensure that the end consumer is a winner.

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Service Requests

Consumers can quickly & easily make service requests about their insurance & investment plans/policies for renewal, servicing and claims. The app will help consumers track their financial goals. We help consumers create a financial locker & connect to a trained & professional advisor.

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